Our consortium provides the Globix, an enterprise mobility management web system that allows you to check in real time the mobility of employees of the participating companies.
Each participant in Globix system can access his reserved area with Username and Password.

What are the characteristics of Globix?

  • Total control in real-time enterprise mobility;
  • eliminating paper receipts, no fiscal and are difficult to verify;
  • extremely simple and intuitive interface;
  • timely issue later this month tax bill by the radio-taxi to the total performed races;
  • The ability to separate into two distinct reports races already paid with corporate card and the falling due in a single monthly billing;
  • System based on customer needs.

How does it work?

  • The administrator of the company that benefits from the system decides which employees have access to taxi mobility and records them in your home;
  • Every employee is recorded with your phone number which makes it unique subject of the Convention;
  • The report of everything to buy it on the server, the home of the customer agreement, the home of the employee and in that of taxi driver.

Mobility Manager of the agreement:

  • He has provided an updated report of all corporate races and all races of each individual employee;
  • creates a platform for every employee available, a maximum daily spending the time slot for accessing the service;
  • It has the ability to create good online taxi from offering guests the company;
  • Communicates with the radio-taxi administrator through a direct channel within Globix;
  • It has the power to open the “Alert” when it needs clarification on a specific race.

The Globix service is active in the following cities:

  • FIRENZE | Socota | 055 4242
  • MILANO | AutoradioTassi | 02 8585
  • MILANO | TaxiBlu | 02 4040
  • MODENA | Cotamo | 059 374242
  • PADOVA | Radio Taxi | 04 9651333
  • ROMA | Coop. Samarcanda | 06 5551
  • ROMA | Pronto Taxi | 06 6645
  • VENEZIA/MESTRE | Coop. Artigiana | 041 5964
  • VERONA | Radiotaxi | 045 526842

For more information please send an email to