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The Siena Taxi Drivers’s Consortium was founded in 1980, it was born to manage the radiotaxi in the city and to improve and upgrate the taxi service in Siena. Since that period we have come a long way, and the italian cooperative, who has the most long tradition, today is one of the most advanced. It has 54 cars (11 are equipped for the transport of disabled people, 9 are hybrid cars, 2 cars works with methan and 5 are vans), the cooperative is able to indulge all types of movement request, suburban destinations too. The Co.Ta.S. will work you 70 drivers, some of which speacks fluently english, french, german, spanish and russian. Our first corcern is the client, our targets are the client’s needs and satisfaction. To complete our service we have a jitnet society and charter bus service , with whom we can respond to all type of requests in the territory. Call us for your movement needs and a quote! You will not disappointed!

SMS Taxi

+39 348 3892305

To book a taxi, send a SMS to the number indicated by writing:

– Address (Street or Square, Number Civic and Municipal)
– Particular Requests (dog or cat, payment by credit card, lenguage driver, if passenger numbers exceeding 4, large suitcases)

Wait for a confirmation SMS with the taxi signs on arrival and the estimated time.

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Below the extra-urban transfer most popular at special prices for those who buy directly from our site.

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